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4 Cutting-Edge Smart Home Solutions of 2019

In 2019, smart home devices are more useful and comprehensive than ever. Your home automation system offers a sense of convenience. From controlling window shades to turning on a lamp, everything happens with the push of a button or a voice command. Today, the scenario is a little different. Home automation is something more than asking Alexa for a news update or to speed up a podcast. You can use smart systems to grill chicken at your next beach party or to turn off the lights in your bedroom while you’re in the kitchen.

In this blog post, we have curated a list of the four best smart home gadgets that will change the way you live your life. However, before you stock up your shopping cart with any of these latest devices, make sure that they’re compatible with your smartphone, tablet or any other smart speaker.

The Best Smart Home Systems of 2019

  1. Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

For the last few years, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant has been an active member of millions of families across the globe. From answering questions and turning on smart lights to ordering things on Amazon, it has made our lives easier in several ways.

The second-generation Echo is better than the original. It’s compact, stylish, affordable, and has an improved audio system. With the Google Home and Apple HomePod giving tough competition to the Echo speaker family, Amazon is constantly upgrading its Alexa. The new Echo connects with your Amazon account, and performs more advanced tasks like ordering food online and controlling other smart home devices. It’s also visually appealing and comes with a fabric cover in different shades of grey – dark, medium and light.

Key Takeaway points

  • Brand New Look
  • Advanced Alexa Features
  • Low Price
  1. Philips Hue

Imagine being able to transform your study room to a home theatre with one click on your smartphone. With Philips Hue, discover the magic of a smart lighting system. With a whole range of lights, switches, apps and sensors, your lighting possibilities are endless. You can either string them up for a party look and adjust the brightness, or change the colours and set timers for more dramatic surroundings. What’s more, you can control all this from the Philips Hue app on your smartphone (both Android and iOS).  Being compatible with some of the best smart home gadgets like the Apple HomeKit, Nest and Samsung SmartThings, the Philips Hue won’t disappoint you as an all-in-one intelligent lighting solution.

Key Takeaway points

  • Easy light customization with voice and Philips Hue app
  • Sync lights with music, movies and games
  • Automatic alarm clock program
  1. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest was among the first companies to introduce an intelligent heating system for the home. The Wi-Fi-enabled Nest Learning Thermostat can cut down your home’s energy consumption by as much as 10% and thus, save you money. Instead of simply adjusting to a pre-set temperature, it gradually learns and adapts to your individual preferences. For example, if you repeatedly turn down the heat at night, the Nest will automatically start doing so after a certain time. It can also function on the “Away” mode when you’re at work or somewhere else. Best of all, you can monitor and control everything with a tap on your smartphone, including daily reports that show details of how you’re consuming energy.

Key Takeaway points

  • Intelligent energy conservation
  • Smart app control
  • Automatic temperature scheduler
  • Safety alerts
  1. SkyBell HD

SkyBell HD is a different take on a smart home security system. It is an advanced video doorbell that allows you to hear, see and speak to the guest at your door, no matter where you are. This advanced version of the original SkyBell Video Doorbell, captures highly detailed video at 1080p and comes with colour night vision. It streamlines with several third-party smart home gadgets, and has free cloud storage for previously recorded videos.

Key Takeaway points

  • Up to 1080p HD video and 5x zoom
  • Motion sensor for additional security
  • Multiple user facility
  • Two-way audio system

Building your smart home can be as simple as fitting a smart speaker in your bedroom, or as complex as installing an automatic heating system, which are built around sensors and alarms. Depending on your need and convenience, you can personalize it to match your unique lifestyle.

6 Innovative Smartphone Accessories for the Smart Traveller

You carry your world in your smartphone. From boarding passes and hotel reservations to books and movie tickets, your cell phone carries everything that you need. However, when you’re travelling alone, everything is a little more challenging. From calling home to check on your family members to having video calls with clients, you have to do so much even when you’re on-the-go. Here’s a list of 5 modern smartphone accessories that’ll make travelling stress-free and enjoyable.

1. High Capacity External Battery Charger

All of us have experienced the sudden disaster of a dead phone. When you’re in an unknown place and your phone runs out of battery, there’s a fear of losing out on Google Maps. You may also miss several important calls from family, friends and clients. A high capacity portable charger is the best solution to these problems. These chargers are generally big in size, considering the high amount of power they provide. However, this lightweight battery-operated emergency charger offers a slim design and runs on 2 x AA batteries. It’s compatible with iPods, iPhones (all models) and all other devices with USB cable like digital cameras, portable blenders, etc. Carry the charger along with other essentials and save your phone from running out of power.

2. Handheld Video Stabilizer

Forget about days when you needed a video camera to shoot good videos. Today you can film the best moments of your life on your smartphone, without having to spend a fortune on heavy DSLR cameras. But there’s a problem with shooting videos on mobile phones. Have you ever tried filming a splendid sunrise, only to have it ruined by a blurry footage? With the use of a handheld video stabilizer, you can do away with shaky or blurry videos. Featuring a lightweight design, brushless motors and built-in sensors, these stabilizers help capture smooth and seamless videos.

3. External Camera Lenses

Smartphone cameras have upgraded dramatically in the last few years, both in terms of improved sensors and better image processing. There are some smartphones that also feature multiple camera lenses so you can change the angle and width of your shots. They provide better zoom and in-depth effects, which were previously absent in smartphone photography. But, what about camera phones with a single lens? Thanks to external camera lenses, you can now enjoy a range of photography options for your iPhone or Android smartphone. While the macro lenses work great for close-up photos, the telephoto lenses provide up to 22x optical zoom. Some external lenses suit a specific phone model like an iPhone, though most of them are versatile and can be clipped onto all smartphones.

4. Smartphone Signal Booster

A poor cell phone signal can negatively affect your phone calls and internet connection. This often causes a big problem for travellers who experience dropped calls for being in a “dead zone”.  The term “dead zone” refers to an area that’s entirely cut off from cell phone signals, either due to geographical distances or man-made barriers. With modern tech gadgets like smartphone signal boosters, you can now enjoy clear conversations and high-speed internet browsing no matter where you are. Smartphone signal boosters work by taking the existing weak cellular signal and amplifying 4G & 3G LTE signal up to 32 times for any smartphone, tablet or carrier. After amplification, it rebroadcasts the stronger signal to the surrounding area.

5. Smart Watches

Whether you travel independently or on behalf of an organization, trips are an important part of work these days. With work and travel going hand in hand, technology is improving to meet the demands of its users. There are several smart gadgets available for travelers, but the smartwatch is the most popular among them. These are not mere timekeepers. From monitoring heart rate and checking blood pressure to sending email alerts, these smart watches are your best travel companion. Wear them like your regular watch and pair them with your Android or iPhone device.

6. Solar Power Bank

Solar mobile chargers are an excellent innovation in the field of mobile technology. They don’t need any electricity as they draw power from the sun. From smartphones and iPods to mp3 players, you can charge many gadgets using these eco-friendly solar power banks. These are perfect for travellers whose external USB battery chargers often run out of power. Some of them also come with attachments for different types of phone charging pins.

They say, “collect memories, not things.” However, for travellers, collecting both memories and things is a challenging task. People these days love travelling, as much as they love sharing their memories and experience with the world via social media. With the increasing demand for portable tech gadgets, smartphones today are more like handheld computers than phones. From portable mobile chargers to smart watches, smartphone accessories help provide a lot of functionality and entertainment during your travels.

6 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a New TV

buy new tv
Television has become a very significant part of everyday life. Apart from being an important source of information and entertainment, it brings family members together to spend quality time and strengthen their bond while watching TV shows or movies. That’s why investing in a good quality television is important.

Picking the right TV that meets all your needs is a challenging task. People who don’t do market research and purchase in a hurry, often end up making big mistakes. If you don’t want to make a wrong decision when buying a TV for your home, make sure that you avoid the six mistakes mentioned in this blog post.

1) Picking the Wrong Size

Buying a television that’s too small or too big is one of the most common mistakes made. While it may be tempting to think bigger is better or a small TV will look cute, picking the wrong size will give an unpleasant viewing experience. The general rule of thumb for selecting the right size is measuring how far you’ll be sitting from your TV in inches and then divide it by 1.5. The result will be the suitable size of the TV screen you can comfortably watch from a distance.

2) Ignoring the Sound Quality

Television is not just about viewing. It is also about sound quality. Buying a TV without considering its sound is a mistake you should seriously avoid. To have a great media experience, make sure you purchase a TV with good sound quality. However, the new designs of television are becoming flatter every day, thus leaving less room for speakers. So, you can buy wall-mounted wireless speakers while pairing it with digital TV antenna to enhance your TV viewing experience with awesome audio and video quality.

6 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a New TV

3) Paying for Unnecessary Features

Spending money on automatic light and colour sensors, motorized movement and other unwanted features that you’ll hardly use is a big no. Avoid getting pointless features and think about what you’ll truly use. Look for a TV set that has only necessary features you actually need to save yourself from wasting your money on worthless things.

4) Not Thinking About the Future

Buying a television is a long-term investment. And, technology is ever-evolving, so by picking a basic TV model chances are that it will become outdated within a few years. That’s why you should choose a ant can become obsolete quickly. Go for a model with features that will still be available in the future. If you’re getting a deep discount on a particular model, then probably that TV’s technology is already obsolete. Pay attention to the specifications of the model before buying.

5) Not Considering the Ports

Not all television sets are the same. Some may have the ports you require, some may not. Ignoring the ports on the television is a mistake that can refrain you from using the appliance for various tasks. For example, if you play video games on your TV, you need HDMI ports in your television to connect gaming consoles and set-top boxes with the help of HDMI cables. The same is the case if you want to connect an Android TV box. The best bet is to know your needs and then choose a TV that has the required ports to handle the connections.

6) Buying a Smart TV When You Don’t Need It

Many people make the mistake of buying a smart TV even if they already have an Android TV box, Xbox One or Apple TV. People fail to understand that a smart TV offers the same streaming services as the box that can connect you to a TV for live streaming your favourite shows. To avoid this mistake, be clear whether you truly need a smart TV or not. If you already use a smart box, go for a television set compatible with that box, instead of opting for a smart TV.

When buying a television, don’t make the above-mentioned mistakes. Do your homework properly, consider what you truly need and then make the purchase decision. After all, a TV is not just an appliance, it is much more than a box sitting in your living area. So, you need to pick the perfect one for a complete entertainment package. Accessorize your TV set with a digital TV antenna, home theatres and woofers. With these audio and visual devices, you can take your TV viewing experience to the next level.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy New Gadgets?

Best Time to Buy New Gadgets
Don’t you just hate when your smartphone shuts down abruptly, when your laptop runs slow or when your ceiling speakers start troubling you with an unpleasant noise? These are the warning signs that indicate you should replace them with new ones. That’s the time when people rush to buy new gadgets either online or at their local electronics store. Unfortunately, they end up buying accessories at a relatively higher price because of their urgent requirement and wrong timing.

To grab the best deals on your gadget shopping, wait for the right time and save big on your purchase. Go through this blog post by the experts of RTC Electronics to find out more!

Best Time to Purchase New Gadgets & Electronic Accessories

After the Holiday Season

It might be enticing to look for online deals or enter an electronic store near you during the holiday season when people are buying new gadgets. Smart TV, laptop, mobile phones and Android TV boxes; the choices are endless. But, it is the wrong time for the purchase. Once the holiday has passed, you can avail the discounts offered by retail stores to clear the excessive inventory they have. Many stores drop the prices providing you with the opportunity to buy electronic accessories at affordable prices. Resist the temptation of shopping on Black Friday and enjoy great discounts on Cyber Monday when the festive shopping frenzy is relatively low.

After a New Version Is Released

If you’re eyeing a brand-new smartphone with its current version, then wait for its updated release or the next version to get the original gadget at a discounted price. While most people prefer getting the latest software as soon as it comes out, shopping for older version can actually be profitable for you. Usually, the release of newer models leads to a price reduction in the older models.

buy net gadgets online from RTC electronics storeApple dropped the prices of iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus after launching iPhone XS, thus offering a savings of up to $110 off each model.

iPhone 7 32 GB – $629, was $739

iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB – $789, was $889

iPhone 8 64 GB – $819, was $929

iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB – $949, was $1059

So, if you’re not too much into buying the latest models, go for the older models to get some savings. The only catch is you need to bear with your old smartphone for some time to get your favourite tech item on a budget.

When the Demand Is Low

It’s no secret that the demand and price of the products are directly proportional to each other. When the demand for a product is high, the price will automatically skyrocket. Other than the period after the holiday season, you can choose to buy gadgets when their demand is low to get them at lower rates. For example, the best time to buy air conditioners and refrigerators is during the winter season. Generally, the prices of these products are less at that time because people don’t buy them during the colder months. Similarly, consider buying wireless Bluetooth speakers and other audio & video accessories after the wedding season and New Year celebrations. This is the time when their demand is low.

Stay updated on trending tech news, look for the release of latest versions and make the most of off-season sale to get deals on gadgets that you can’t resist. Prepare ahead of time before going to an electronic store and save your money without compromising on your favourite gadget. Best of luck!

4 Awesome Internet Tricks That No One Told You Before

4 Awesome Internet Tricks That No One Told You BeforeThe internet is one of the most interesting inventions mankind has ever created. It has brought the world to your fingertips and made your life a lot easier. From getting the latest updates about your favourite celebrity to finding the shortest route to your destination, the internet is your best friend when it comes to getting information about anything. But, no matter how much time you spend online, there will still be several tricks and tips left to be learned. After all, the world of technology is full of tech hacks.

In today’s blog post, we have come up with four cool internet tricks that you were not aware of before. Applications of these tricks while surfing the internet will help you become an internet pro.

1) Finding Downloadable Links for MP3 Songs

If you don’t use Spotify or any other online streaming app to listen to your favourite songs, then identifying the correct links for downloading MP3 songs is challenging. The internet is loaded with fake links that act as click bait. To find downloadable links for MP3 songs, use the code ‘intitle:index.of?mp3 song title’. For example, if you want to download the song ‘Thinking Out Loud’, copy and paste the code ‘intitle:index.of?mp3 thinking out loud’ and hit ‘Enter’. You will find verified web pages with correct links to download MP3 files.

2) Knowing If a Website Is Safe to Browse

The virtual world is filled with websites that break into your profile and try to steal your personal and financial information with phishing emails and spam tricks. To protect yourself from these cyber threats, copy and paste this link in your address bar. Write the website’s domain name that you want to browse instead of ‘example’ to learn that website’s safety standards. Once it is verified that the website is safe to browse, only then visit it.

3) Playing YouTube Videos in Slow Motion

Internet TricksDid you know that you can play videos in slow motion? If not, this awesome trick will be of great help to you. All you need to do is hold the space bar on your keyboard for a few seconds and the video will start playing at a slower speed. It may be quite interesting and funny to watch some videos in slow motion. Also, you can easily click a screenshot of a particular moment. Thank me later!

4) Searching Incomplete Phrases on Google

It is hard to remember every phrase, proverb, quote or lyric. Sometimes you remember half of the sentence and forget the rest. So, what should you do if you want to search it on the internet? Apply a simple trick of putting an asterisk in a quoted sentence to replace the missing word. For example, if you want to identify the song ‘In Case You Didn’t Know’ by Brett Young with the lyric ‘Even though I don’t tell you all the time’. But, you don’t remember the word ‘though’ or ‘time’. Search for “Even * I don’t tell you all the *” (with quotation marks). This trick will help you find the most accurate results instead of results which just happen to have the said words.

If you want to become a tech-master, start applying the above-mentioned tips whenever you surf the internet. They will not only help you complete a lot of tasks quickly but also impress your friends with your knowledge. To learn more about the latest gadgets and buy certified electronic accessories, visit our electronics store in Mississauga.

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