• 6 Reasons Why TV Antennas Are on the Rise

    An indoor antenna is must-have, whether you need to cut the cord or access local TV channels when your cable goes off. In fact, they can be one of the most useful things in your house. Why? Because they save a lot of money on your cable bills. An average individual spends around $100 every month on TV. With indoor TV antennas, you can save that amount each month without sacrificing your daily ente […]

    6 Reasons Why TV Antennas Are on the Rise
  • 3 Best Android TV Boxes for Any Budget

    It’s a Sunday evening and you’ve been flipping the TV channels for about 30 minutes. Finally, you decided that watching Jessica Jones on Netflix is the better option, but suddenly you remembered that your friend has your HDMI cord. Becoming lazy and bored, you lie down on your couch, watching the latest Avengers: Endgame movie on your MacBook. If you’ve experienced a similar situation, it’s per […]

    3 Best Android TV Boxes for Any Budget
  • 6 Reasons Why Fibre Optic Cables Are a Hit These Days

    Do you remember the days when you connected to the internet and waited ages for the website to load? Connecting to the internet with one computer at a time was certainly irritating. Developments in technology have resulted in a new means of communication that’s not only quicker, but also more effective and environment friendly. Fibre optic technology offers fast internet speed with plenty of bandw […]

    6 Reasons Why Fibre Optic Cables Are a Hit These Days
  • 6 Quick Tips to Make the Most of Your Android TV Box

    We all know Android as the top smartphone and tablet operating system, but today, it has taken over set-top boxes as well. While Android TV boxes mainly function as entertainment units that stream media from Netflix, Hulu and Plex, you can also use them as gaming consoles for playing Android games. With so many features that can turn any television into a smart entertainment box, an Android TV box […]

  • The Perfect Buyer’s Guide to HDMI Cables

    If you’ve recently bought an HDTV, a Blu-ray player or a PlayStation 3, you’ve probably heard the term ‘HDMI’. It may seem like one of the ports on your TV or home theatre receivers, but HDMI is something more than that. Without HDMI your home would have been cluttered with a lot of wires that connect your electronic devices such as televisions, DVD players and music systems. HDMI (High Definition […]

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