6 Tips to Keep Your Earphones in Good Shape

6 Tips to Keep Your Earphones in Good Shape 2Earphones are your true music companion. Whether you’re travelling or simply lying on your bed, whether you’re happy or feeling low, earphones are always by your side to comfort you with your favourite music. But, to get the best audio quality from your earphones, you need to treat them with care and keep them in good shape. Proper maintenance is necessary your hygiene too.

Therefore, if you want to keep your earphones sounding great and looking awesome, then follow these six useful tips.

1) Store Them in a Case

The first line of defence for protecting your earphones from damage is proper storage. Use an earphone case or pouch for storing your gadget. But, make sure that you coil the wires neatly to avoid tangling or damaging the cable. The absence of proper coiling and storage can lead to cable failure caused by stretching or tearing.

2) Remove the Cable Carefully

Many people have the habit of pulling the cable instead of the plug to remove their earphones from the device or audio source. Doing so puts extra stress on the connecting cable and can damage it. To avoid that, grip and pull the connector firmly with a steady force and remove it.

3) Keep Them Clean

store them in a case

It might be gross to think about, but your earphone’s earbuds can get pretty dirty because of your ear wax. To ensure that they keep producing great sound, clean them regularly by using a cleaning tool for wiping down the earbuds with a cotton cloth. That said, check the instructions mentioned in the earphone kit before cleaning the gadget.

4) Keep Them Away From Extreme Temperatures

Extreme sunlight, direct heat, high humidity, cold weather and water contact can negatively affect the electronic parts inside your earphones. Therefore, avoid wearing them in extreme temperatures or when weather conditions are not favourable. Even if you want to use your earphones outside during the summer, make sure that you sit under a shade to protect your gadget from adverse weather.

5) Turn Down the Bass

Earphones require powerful bass drivers to produce good quality low-frequency sound (bass). But, not all earphones have great bass drivers and if your audio device has a high bass level, then it can put a lot of stress on your their speakers. To avoid that, disable the ‘Bass Boost’ option in your device. If you want to enhance the sound quality with bass enabled audio, then buy high-quality earphones with powerful bass drivers from a reputed electronic store.

6) Keep Them Dry

It’s no secret that electronic accessories are sure to get damaged when they come in contact with water. Similarly, to make your earphones last, it is essential to keep them dry at all times. If your earphone had an encounter with water, then dry your gadget thoroughly with a soft towel and let it air dry for next 48 hours. Avoid drying them with any type of forced hot air. Instead, store them in a small container with a desiccant packet or uncooked rice.

The performance of your earphones depends on how you keep them. The above-mentioned tips come in handy to maintain these gadgets. These small steps might take a few extra minutes but will certainly have long-term positive effects.

If your old earphones are no longer functional, then buy a new one from RTC Electronics and follow the tips mentioned in this blog post to make the most of your electronic accessory.

4 Easy Tips to Protect Your Online Information

From banking and shopping to networking and entertainment, eve4 Easy Tips to Protect Your Online Informationrything is now online. The simplicity and convenience of online mediums have made people spend more time connected to the Internet through their computers, mobile devices and Android TV boxes.

According to a study conducted by Statista, the statistics portal, on average, Canadian adults between the ages of 18 and 34 spent 25.8 hours a week using the Internet in 2015. This data clearly states that people are spending more time online, making them vulnerable to cyber crimes.

There are several risks associated with online transactions as various types of personal information is stored in the cloud which can lead to identity theft and financial fraud. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your information and reduce the chances of a cyber attack without compromising the time you spend online. Do you want to know how? If so, then read the following four easy tips to keep your personal information secure online.

1) Create Strong and Unique Usernames and Passwords for Each Online Account

4 Easy Tips to Protect Your Online Information 2

Many people use the same username and password for all online accounts they have. This might sound convenient as you don’t have to keep track of different login credentials, but it increases the chances of security threats as a single breach can give hackers access to all your accounts. Also, weak usernames and passwords such as birth dates and mobile numbers can be easily tracked. Protect yourself with multiple layers of security by creating strong and unique login credentials for each online service. Include letters, symbols and numbers in the password to make sure it is difficult to crack.

2) Don’t Give Private Information to Online Services

Sharing personal information such as name, address, phone number and date of birth on several forums and message boards might not be a big deal for some people. But, these details act as puzzle pieces for cybercriminals which can help create a complete picture of the individual. This process is known as doxing. It is a practice of researching and acquiring the private information about an individual or organisation through publicly available databases, social media websites and social engineering for various reasons. To avoid this, don’t readily give out your personal information to any online service, especially when you’re shopping online and be cautious of what you’re sharing on social media.

3) Change Privacy Settings on Social Media

If you have posted several pictures and videos on your social media account, then make sure that it’s visibility is limited to a trustworthy social circle. If not, then change the privacy settings of your account to limit the number of people who can view your posts. Also, keep a tab on your kid’s social media accounts to avoid keeping their safety at risk.

4) Avoid Using Free Public Wi-Fi

Free public Wi-Fi acts like a fishing bait to collect online information of individuals. There are several threats lurking in the background on free public Wi-Fi such as man-in-the-middle attacks, unencrypted networks, malicious hotspots, malware distribution and eavesdropping. If a hacker is using the same Wi-Fi network, he/she can easily track your online activity and use it against you. Therefore, avoid using unprotected wireless networks and if you are, don’t shop online, log in to your social media account or make bank transactions. Always switch to your mobile data or use your wireless USB adapter when doing the above-mentioned online activities.

Not all online platforms offer the security of your personal information. Therefore, be cautious before sharing information online. Use the above-mentioned tips to protect yourself from a security breach and unwanted leaks of private details on the web.

A Complete Guide to Buying Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Buying Portable Bluetooth SpeakersA portable Bluetooth speaker is a versatile electronic accessory for anyone who owns a laptop or smartphone. Whether you want to use it to transform a dull party into a rocking entertainment zone or take it to your office for an important presentation or meeting, this handy accessory never fails to surprise you.

Portable Bluetooth speakers offer impressive audio and can be paired with most devices for terrific sound quality. The market is filled with a lot of models with various specifications. But, specifications can’t be used as the parameter to judge how good a speaker is. The best way to buy Bluetooth speakers is to compile a checklist of features that you want in your accessory, prioritize your requirements and gather every piece of information before making the investment.

We, at RTC Electronics, understand that when you buy an electronic accessory you want value for your money. That’s why we have compiled a complete guide to buying portable Bluetooth speakers so that you can get the best deal.

Understand the Specifications

The first thing to know about an electronic accessory is its specifications and the same is true for portable Bluetooth speakers. The features of the accessory are not the only factor that affects your purchase decision, but it is definitely one of the primary ones. Therefore, understand the specifications of the Bluetooth speaker and find out what it needs to have to maximize your purchase. Begin with the following specifications-

1) Frequency Response

Portable Bluetooth Speakers 1

Frequency response refers to the audible frequency range produced by a speaker. In other words, it is the range at which the speaker can produce sound. It is measured in Hertz (Hz), for example, 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz. This number stands for the lowest frequency (20 Hz, i.e., a very low bass tone) and the highest frequency (20,000 Hz, i.e., the highest treble) that can be produced. It is said that the wider the range, the better is the quality of sound. However, the size of the speaker also matters. If the speaker is small, the range will also be narrow whereas if it is a big speaker, the range will be wider.

The range of human hearing is 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz so many people believe that a Bluetooth speaker of this frequency response will be the best. But in reality, you need something different. Hearing ability differs from person to person, especially when they grow old. Also, you hear the sound clearly when you’re close to the speakers as the sound is coming directly to you whereas if you’re sitting at a distance, the sound gets reflected from walls, furniture, ceilings and other objects in the room. Therefore, choose a speaker with a little more bass tone and a slightly lower top frequency to get a lifelike sound in a room.

2) Bluetooth Version

The version of Bluetooth is an important factor that can affect your speaker’s performance. The quality of audio transmission and the distance between your device and the speaker is determined by it. If the version is old, then it is likely to hamper the connectivity and deliver low-quality sound.

When talking about faster data speed, any version between Bluetooth v2.x to Bluetooth v4.x are great options to consider. These versions offer Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) which improves the quality of streaming by allowing a higher amount of data to be transferred per second between the devices. But, if you also want a good battery life for your device without compromising on the sound quality, then Bluetooth v4.x is your best bet. This version supports Low Energy devices, thus reducing the power consumption. That said, a speaker with Bluetooth v4.x version also comes in handy if you want to connect it with other Low Energy devices like fitness trackers.

3) Connectivitybluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth speakers are designed for wireless connectivity. But, to be prepared for worst-case scenarios, a speaker with an auxiliary connector is a good investment. For instance, when the Bluetooth isn’t functioning properly or your device is unable to connect via Bluetooth, you can use the auxiliary access via 3.5mm phono jack to connect your device. So, look for a Bluetooth speaker that offers a wired connection as well. Generally, it is written as ‘Aux-in’ on the specifications table. A wired connection in the speaker is also beneficial for saving your phone’s battery. If you’re running short of battery on your smartphone, you can still use the speaker by connecting it through aux cable.

Determine the Utility

Apart from the specifications, you also need to filter your search for portable Bluetooth speakers on the basis of where and how you will use them. If you’re buying the speakers for your home, then consider its appearance as it should match your home’s colour scheme to blend in with the décor. Go for the one that offers high-quality sound and has a stylish appearance to work as a statement piece for your room. Also, if the purpose of your purchase is to use the speakers for hands-free calls, then buy Bluetooth speakers with built-in microphones which enables you to answer the phone calls.

Many people prefer taking their Bluetooth speakers with them while travelling. For them, weather-resistant Bluetooth speakers will be the perfect choice. These electronic accessories are designed to withstand rain, snow, dust and sometimes shock too, thus making them an ideal companion for people who love outdoor adventure. If you’re also looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker which you can carry with you to overnight camping trips, then buy a compact one with a good battery life and a USB charging port so that you can charge it even with a power bank. Also, consider the battery size which can give 4 to 5 hours of backup to make the most of your outdoor trip with the speakers.

Decide the Budget

Your budget plays a vital role in narrowing your search. There are a wide variety of portable Bluetooth speakers available online or in store. Some speakers offer various features on a budget while others are a bit expensive because of their high-end specifications. For example, speakers like EARSON Outdoor Sports Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Pyle Bluetooth Mini Speaker can be bought within a budget of $40.00 along with the benefit of several features. The EARSON Outdoor Sport speaker has built-in Bluetooth (version: 2.1 + EDR), the battery life of up to 4 hours, rechargeable battery along with water, shock and dust-resistance, thus making it an ideal choice for people who want an outdoor-friendly electronic accessory at a reasonable rate. On the other hand, the Pyle Bluetooth Mini Speaker features hands-free call answering, AUX 3.5mm input, integrated stereo sound with rich bass, USB charging port and compatibility with virtually any audio device. It is the perfect piece for buyers who want a go-to portable Bluetooth speaker for prolonged entertainment.

When shopping for portable Bluetooth speakers, make sure that you prioritize what you want, how you want to use the speakers, understand all important specifications and look for them in the one you’re buying. To maximize your purchase, always choose a reliable electronic accessory store and get authentic products.

Have a look at our exclusive collection of portable Bluetooth speakers to get excellent sound-quality at affordable prices. You can also contact us as 1-866-624-9986 to get the best deals on electronic accessories online.

6 Essential Gadgets to Make Your Home Smarter

Are you tired of mundane chores? Are you looking for solutions to make your life easier? Do you want assistance in completing your daily tasks? If you have answered yes to all the questions, then you definitely need to transform your traditional home into a smart home.
6 Essential Gadgets to Make Your Home Smarter

The difference between a manually operated home and a smart home is modern technology. Bring the best of science to your home with some cool gadgets that are designed for functionality and aesthetics. These gadgets are great additions to a home as they solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Give a futuristic look to your abode while getting some assistance on your daily chores by bringing these 6 essential gadgets to your home.

1) A Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell is not only a useful gadget to make your home smarter but also a great accessory for people with limited mobility. This doorbell can be connected to your smartphone app via Internet. It notifies you when someone arrives at the door. You can watch and talk to the guest through the built-in HD camera and microphone. This useful accessory is a great addition to your home that increases the functionality and security of your living space.

2) A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can be of great help when it comes to making your home smarter and more energy efficient. It is a convenient addition that can sense your needs and operate your home’s heating and cooling system accordingly. It will automatically turn off your air conditioning when no one is at home and turn it back on at the designated time. Some high-tech thermostats are designed to take record of your habits and preferences and manage the HVAC system of your home according to it.

3) An Internet TV Box

Why stick to the old-school way of watching television, when you can make it smarter with live streaming? Buy an Internet TV box for your home to stream movies and shows, browse the web, access social media and play games online. This smart gadget will give you access to some top-notch services such as Netflix and Amazon Video while offering a rich user experience.

4) A Smart Pet Feeder

If you’re away from home during the day or travel frequently, then you need a smart pet feeder to ensure that your furry friend is never left without food. This wonderful gadget will dish out the exact amount of food specified for your pet at a set time. Some high-end feeders allow you to use your smartphone app for monitoring your pet with the built-in camera and speaker.

5) A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Do you want a tidy home without much elbow grease? If so, then a robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect gadget for your smart home. This automated assistant will take the hassle out of your household chores and keep your home clean. As far as dust capacity and suction power is concerned, it is as good as your standard vacuum cleaner. But, unlike the traditional cleaners, it is a convenient option as you don’t need to operate it manually. Simply switch it on and set it loose.

6) A Voice Assistant

Smartly control your smart gadgets with a voice assistant. This versatile gadget is transforming the way we communicate and complete tasks. It is a software agent that can perform several tasks or services for you such as making reservations, playing music, adding items to the shopping list, and requesting information. Voice assistants are built with voice recognition technology and AI or artificial intelligence. These gadgets will help you go hands-free and control other gadgets through voice commands. For example, you can ask your voice assistant to change your smart TVs channel, set an alarm, set your thermostat to a certain temperature and play your favourite song. You can perform all these tasks without moving from your comfortable couch. Now that is called building a smarter home. Isn’t it?

Hurry up and buy these wonderful electronic accessories to make your home smarter. The above-mentioned gadgets are not only functional but also great additions to enhance the value of your home. Visit your nearest electronic gadget showroom in Toronto and get these amazing helping hands for your home.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Headphones

Headphones are your true companion. If you’re a music lover, you surely have a special relationship with this electronic accessory. From accompanying you during long journeys to keeping you entertained on a boring day, they never fail to impress you with their usefulness and exceptional sound quality. However, if you’ve not bought your headphones while considering all the important factors, then your favourite gadget is likely to underperform over time.


When buying a new pair of headphones online or from a store, make sure that you put a little research to find which one is worth it. For that, you need to consider the following 5 things before buying them.

1) Budget

Price is one of the biggest factors that influence any buying decision. Determine your budget and filter your search for headphones accordingly. If you have a generous budget, then the sky is the limit for you to buy a perfect pair of headphone whereas if you have a limited budget, beware of cheap knock-offs. Some of the inexpensive headphones have awful voice quality and ergonomics. Look at the online reviews, do some research and stick to the upper limit of your budget to get a good deal.

2) Type

There are various types of headphones available online. So, deciding which type you want will make the task a lot easier for you. Some people prefer corded headphones while others lean towards wireless models. If you want the freedom of moving around while still being in a conversation, then wireless headphones are your best bet. On the other hand, if you want premium-quality sound, then corded is the perfect choice as many people believe that corded headphones offer great sound quality.

3) Specifications

It’s hard to get all specifications in one pair of headphones. You have to consider the features you want such as noise cancellation, flexible boom, Bluetooth, balance between the bass and treble, voice recognition, surround sound, etc., to get the perfect one. If you can’t get all desired features, then prioritize the specifications and look for an ideal pair.

4) Brand

Brand plays a vital role when it comes to buying electronic accessories. Some brands manufacture models are simply impressive whereas others offer useless products. Do your homework and look for a brand that offers stylish and long-lasting headphones with excellent sound quality. Ask some of your friends who have bought headphones of the same brand or you can visit an electronic accessory store to learn more about the trusted brands of headphones.

5) Comfort

Apart from price, specifications, brand and type, one thing that can’t be overlooked when buying headphones is comfort. If you’re not comfortable wearing it, the purchase is in vain. You will be wearing your headphones for quite a long time, so they should be comfortable. You can go to a trusted electronic store in Toronto before making the purchase, to get the feel of the headphone you’re considering buying. If you feel too heavy while wearing them, then its big no-no whereas if you feel comfortable, go for it.

When looking for a new pair of headphones, consider the above-mentioned factors before you make the purchase. Make sure that you buy your headphones from a reliable electronic accessory store to get the best deal. If you want to shop for headphones now, then you can have a look at our exclusive collection and find a suitable pair.

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