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If you are really serious about DJ-ing, then this is where you can get all the essentials and accessories. Amplifiers, horn speakers, megaphones, multimedia headphones, mixers and speaker selectors are the items featured in this segment. We also sell three kinds of microphones—FM Wireless, Hand Wired and Conference microphones.

Some of the popular brands in our inventory are: Captain, Dynamic, Earson, Emax, Pyle, Universal and Spekon. Shop for your favorite branded Audio & DJ items at affordable prices and hone your DJ-ing skills!

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  • Amplifier & Speaker Combos

    Amplifier & Speaker Combos (1)

  • Amplifiers

    Amplifiers (21)

  • Bluetooth Portable Speakers

    Bluetooth Portable Speakers (4)

  • Car Speakers

    Car Speakers (2)

  • Ceiling & Wall Speakers

    Ceiling & Wall Speakers (32)

  • Conference Microphones

    Conference Microphones (5)

  • Ear & Headphones

    Ear & Headphones (3)

  • FM Wireless Microphones

    FM Wireless Microphones (5)

  • Hand Wired Microphones

    Hand Wired Microphones (7)

  • Home Theater & Woofers

    Home Theater & Woofers (6)

  • Horn Speakers

    Horn Speakers (10)

  • Megaphones

    Megaphones (6)

  • Mixers

    Mixers (4)

  • Speaker Selector/Switch

    Speaker Selector/Switch (5)

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