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Audio & Video Solutions

RTC Electronics has essential audio-video products to meet all your needs. We have USB Extenders, IR Extenders, HDMI Extenders, Network Signal Extenders and VGA Extenders.

Our inventory consists of HDMI Splitters, Switchers & Converters; A/V Splitters & Switches, VGA Splitters & Switches; Wireless AV Systems; Video Converters; Audio Converters and Door-Phone Intercom Systems. Find a product that best serves your needs and buy it today.

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  • Audio Converters & Extenders

    Audio Converters & Extenders (7)

  • Video Doorbell & Intercom System

    Video Doorbell & Intercom System (3)

  • AV & Computer adapters

    AV & Computer adapters (10)

  • HDMI Extenders

    HDMI Extenders (8)

  • HDMI Splitters

    HDMI Splitters (3)

  • HDMI Switches

    HDMI Switches (1)

  • IR Extenders

    IR Extenders (3)

  • A/V Converters/Splitters

    A/V Converters/Splitters (10)

  • Wireless AV Systems

    Wireless AV Systems (2)

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