Network Cable

This cable is used to connect one network device with another and transfer data between network devices.

Looking for Network Cables online at discounted prices? RTC Electronics is the most trusted choice to find superior quality Network Cables. Our upgraded collection comprises of products like 1000 feet long CAT-5e Patch Cable, CAT 6 Ethernet Patch Cable, etc.

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0 thoughts on “Network Cable

  1. John

    I had an old TV and just got a digital antenna for Christmas. I wanted to cancel my cable account and go back to FREE TV; However, I needed a digital converter. After looking at various models online. The Coby was exactly what I needed. It works perfectly and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know why people would purchase more expensive boxes when they all do exactly the same thing.
    Great price Rtc and Fast Shipping.

  2. Peter

    Works as advertised. It looks and feels solidly built. I am storing an older vehicle for my son and I no longer have to remember to charge up the battery every few weeks to prevent it from dying. Just plug it in, push a button on the charger to select your battery type and voltage and leave it.

    Great Work RTC.

  3. Sac Longchamp

    This TV mounts is very STURDY & I bought for fraction of the cost of the BOG box retail store. I have my TV hooked up on and smooth sailing. Although I wish there was better diagram in the installation manual.

  4. zalika from Boston, USA

    This Speaker system was hooked up in no time & it is flushed with the wall providing the classic look. And the Audio is superb like all other Pyle Sound products

  5. home jersey

    This Pyle Amp with the 2 Channels of 120Watts works really good in my club, & I specially like the Blue tamed Blue LED, visible but not overbearing

  6. RafEL iSREAL

    Great Speaker! Sounds great with lots of inputs and outputs for other devices. Even charges your phones and mp3 players that connect via the USB connection.

  7. Monica

    Ran this cable between 2 buildings for network access. Used about 750ft. Network connections are fast. No problems with signal loss. Great Cable.
    Must say Fast Shipping,i got it in 2 days Only.
    Great RTC !!

  8. Liam

    The Pump is durable and easy to use and works Perfectly.
    I got this item shipped in 2 days by RTC, which was Really fast, Looking forward to buy more items from RTC.

  9. melissa

    Great quality- the handle inserts are aluminum, so they don’t strip and fail like some other cheap sets. Case itself is great, well- made, but the thin plastic insert that holds the blades is junk and the magnets fall off. But this set costs as much as the name brand handle, and works just as well, so that’s a minor complaint!

  10. Christopher

    it’s great! It holds my monitor & makes it easy to turn to the side to show others in the room what’s on screen. That was a lot more difficult before nye impossible speaking practically. I very much like having something holding my monitor off my desk that’s relatively easy to adjust.
    Must Say, FAST Shipping by RTC !

  11. Ravi Kumar

    The best I love this mixer, has all the features needed for use at home and when entertaining with a lot to control which is very easy to use.
    This is a expensive Mixer and i got the best Price from Rtc from anywhere else.
    Good work Rtc.

  12. Seara

    This is a great switch. Works exactly as it should. Lots of ports so hopefully this will be the last switch I need to buy.
    and Yeah RTC this is 3rd item i purchased from Your Website , Totally satisfied with Price , shipping and Quality .
    Keep it up the Good work.

  13. Melissa

    Excellent Tools with great quality.
    This is third time i purchased item from RTC and always satisfied with their products, pricing and shipping .
    Keep the good work on.


    Very good quality and very solid.
    Excellent price of this cabinet.Instructions were very clear to follow and easy to use.
    Good work RTC !

  15. Richard

    I bought this battery to use with my solar collector system. It arrived fast. It was one of the best priced batteries I found. My solar collector charges it all day and it keeps my water pumps and lights running all night, I was even able to lay it on it’s side. I think I’m going to buy a few more.

  16. Stuart

    The plastic mounting plate is stronger than most decora style plates. This is benefit when using banana plugs. The wire sockets were able to hold twin 12ga wires each. The single set screw held the wire well with no play. The set screw itself was amazingly strong. I firmly tightened the screws, without a single one breaking off at the screwdriver slot. Overall a great wall plate.

  17. Micheal

    This is a strong and well built mount. Came with all necessary hardware for a wood frame or masonry installation. There was no sagging or other problems after I installed and mounted the TV,with the arm fully extended. Operation of the arm is very smooth.
    Nice work RTC.

  18. Smith Wilson

    I bought this for my 40+ boy. He loves making loud noise and startling me in the process. Not sure what I was thinking when I bought this for him but it was the perfect gift for him! I debated about all the different models of bullhorns and finally went with this one because it seemed to have a good balance of favorable reviews and moderate price (especially since it was meant to be a gag gift). He has had none of the problems with the hinge (yet) and really it does everything he wants it to do, especially startling me and shutting up the neighbors dog!
    First and Great Experience with Rtc.

  19. Perez Up

    The pump removed solder easily, especially on small/standard size areas. Well worth the price in time-saving alone, and easy to clean as well. 5-stars here.

  20. Jason

    Second item purchased from RTC Great price and arrived exactly it suppose to with fast shipping.
    Excellent quality at a fraction of the price at retail stores.

  21. celina

    The cable arrived quicker than I expected and was same as advertised. Works perfectly…I’ve been using it for about a week to connect my laptop and tv.
    I would recommend seller!

  22. ray soleil

    Best thing is when your guest get impressed form your things, that what happened with me, I bought this wall brackets from RTC last week.which was a great deal with Price and shipping was really fast and they really liked it and are going to buy for their tv’s as well.
    Good work RTC .

  23. Roger

    I have been a musician for a good 20+ years now, and I just wanted something cheap to use with my home studio setup.

    I was completely surprised by the solid construction and good sound of this mic. It’s virtually indistinguishable from the numerous stage mics I’ve used, including my brief and unfortunate stint as a lead singer.
    Glad to buy it from RTC.

  24. sam

    This is a great tool. Pump works great, saved a lot of time and effort. Its been 2 days using it no Problems and very Simple, effective to use.
    Good Trade with RTC.

  25. televisao444

    your shipping sucks big time
    placed a order on the 20th shipping label was created on the 21st and after i called inquiring why no tracking information was available and ask someone about on the 26th finally it shows package was dropped off at the post office that day the 26th
    only thing i can say someone is not doing they job
    I’m going to make sure payment is delayed as well
    Thanks a million

    1. Amer Post author

      hello. im very sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great experience with us we would like to hear how we can help make it better, we would like to start off by offering you 10% your next order.

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