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An inkjet printer sprays tiny drops of ink onto paper to produce vibrant images and crisp text. A laser printer uses toner cartridges to deliver high volumes of prints that won’t smudge at  high speeds. With the ability to seamlessly blend colors, inkjet printers are great for printing everything from text, banners to professional-quality photos. Laser printers are popular in offices because they produce precise, professional-looking documents and handle small fonts/fine lines better than inkjet.

Advanced feature

Some printers come equipped with advanced features such as duplex printing and touchscreen  management controls. Duplex printing is prints on both sides of a page without you having to turn the paper over and re-feed it into the machine. A printer with management controls like a touchscreen LCD screen make it easy to navigate your printer, such as the number of pages you want to print. Sending a scanned page to an e-mail address you want is a snap.

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