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Racks & Enclosures

To house your electronics neatly, you will need sleek and functional storage units. At RTC Electronics, we give you a wide range of racks, enclosures, panels and cabinets to choose from.

We sell 4-Post Open Rack Frame; 2-Post Relay Network Racks; Floor Cabinets; Rack Fans; Security & Lock Boxes; Server Racks; Wall Mount Server Cabinets; Cabinet Shelves and accessories. All these useful storage enclosures come at bargain prices.

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  • 2-Post Relay Network Racks

    2-Post Relay Network Racks (5)

  • 4-Post Open Rack Frame

    4-Post Open Rack Frame (2)

  • Cabinet Accesories

    Cabinet Accesories (2)

  • Cabinet Shelves

    Cabinet Shelves (14)

  • Floor Cabinets

    Floor Cabinets (20)

  • Rack Fans & Cooling

    Rack Fans & Cooling (1)

  • Rack Panels

    Rack Panels (10)

  • Rackmount Power Strip

    Rackmount Power Strip (1)

  • Security & Lock Boxes

    Security & Lock Boxes (2)

  • Wall Mount Server Cabinets

    Wall Mount Server Cabinets (23)

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