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A Guide to the Different Types of Party Lighting

different type of party lightingLighting plays a major role in brightening up a party place. Decoration lights, disco balls, LED strips, fairy lights and glowing dark balloons, all these types of lights are the essentials for illuminating your party space. If you’re calling your friends over for a gathering or arranging a cocktail party, the type of lights you use will set the mood. But this means you need to know how to make use of them according to different occasions.

For organising a party, special attention should be given to the lighting. A party is incomplete without disco lights as they bring life to festive gathering. After all, dancing requires a way for party-goers to keep up the rhythm and this can be established with party lights. Keep reading to know how you can light up a place for a perfect get-together.

  • Decoration Lights

Decoration lights cover a wide category. This may range from light bulbs, tube lights and ceiling lights that brighten up a place. For cosy dinner parties, a string of light bulbs works great. If you’re looking for these kinds of lights then RTC is the place for you. Visit their website and get shopping!

  • Fairy Lights

If you’re a person who likes a little illumination and not loud streaks of light then fairy lights are the one for you. Romantic, subtle and cosy, these lights can transform a drab place into something dreamy. Your get-togethers with friends or loved ones will be enhanced if you decorate your outdoor spaces with these lights.

  • LED Candles

No need to get worked up if there is a power outage in the middle of a party. With LED candles, battery-operated candles, your party will shine on for as long as you require. They are not loud in their appearances, but they do set the tone for the party! From your kid’s birthday bash to your anniversary, these candles can properly illuminate a space.

  • Disco Lights and Balls

You can’t a proper dance party without the disco lights and at least one disco ball. They fill the room with beautiful colours setting an oomph factor to the party. Dance moves are accentuated with the help of these lights. If you’re having a dance party, RTC provides the best of these lights at reasonable rates.

  • LED Strips

LED strips or tube lights are a great way to remove dullness from a surrounding. If you like a well-lit party place then never skip these kinds of lights. To get these high-quality lights, visit RTC where you’ll be spoilt with the variety. Also, these are available at decent rates.

  • String Lights

Lighten up your backyard or a porch with string lights. This is applicable for a laid-back gathering apt in the spring. Easy to hang, convenient and decorative, these lights can add a spark to the place. In fact, if you zig-zag them over a courtyard, it will give an optical illusion of a canopy.

Follow the above-mentioned lights and get shopping to augment the party of the upcoming seasons. After all, a dull party looks boring and never appeals to guests.

Party Better in 2017 With Better Lighting

better lighting

2016 has come and gone, and as we recover from all the holidays we think about how to make 2017 even better. Along with the rest of the New Year’s resolutions list is “party harder”.

This may involve a few more trips to the pub, but let’s be honest—the best parties are in the home, surrounded by friends, drink and brilliant lights.

With the right lighting; any space can look grand, vibrant, lively and energetic.

There’s a multitude of options to enhance atmosphere of a home to make it the ultimate party destination. Here are a few examples.

Indoor LED lights

LED lights come in a variety of shapes, forms and purposes. This is because along with being energy-efficient and eco-friendly, they are also known for having flexible illumination. Their dynamic management of colour, light intensity and distribution, allows them to be used for just about any occasion. From birthday parties to Christmas Secret Santa, these lights enhance any gathering. The best part is that if properly maintained, LED lights can last you over a year.

Outdoor LED lighting

Although it may be cold out right now, it won’t be in a few months. For when it warms, you’ll want to have outdoor LED strip lights. Outdoor parties can be better than indoor ones with the right ambience. What better ambience is there than celebrating under a canopy of stars? String these lights along the fence, or around tree trunks, and watch them glow. Even if you are not planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, string lights provide necessary illumination when it’s dark out.

Disco lights

Although it’s been around 40 years since the 70’s, this nostalgic relic is still the light fixture of choice for anyone wanting dance party. Disco lights are generally low in intensity and can work exceptionally well in indoor areas. It may be hard to justice the use of these lights for celebrations involving family gatherings, but these are perfect for birthdays and parties with lots of dancing. The blinking, multi-coloured lights go great with a fast rhythm.

Get a dimmer controller

Although not a light, dimmer switches and controls can add an extra layer of customization to the mood of your lighting. With a dimmer switch, you get the right amount of lighting from a chandelier for a small gathering with friends. You can also brighten the lights for a big celebration. Dimmers add versatility.

Party preparation is not easy. Hosting a party is a lot of work and it involves careful planning. With the right lighting however, at least you know ambience of the party will be entirely in your hands.

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