Pyle 19” Rack Mount 4 Channel Professional Mixer with Digital Echo and SFX

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19'' Rack Mount 4 Channel Professional Mixer with Digital Echo and SFX

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This 4-channel rack-mountable professional mixer is an essential piece of DJ/audio equipment.

  • Six Digital Sound Effects.
  • Individual Rotary Controls for Mic Bass and Treble.
  • Dual Mic Inputs with Talkover.
  • Top Mounted 12V BNC Connector for Goose neck Lamp.
  • User Replaceable Dual Railed Crossfader.
  • Turntable Inputs convertible to accept Line Level Inputs.


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There are 8 line inputs, two of which can be used for phono (turntable) input, and 2 mic inputs, including one combo balanced XLR/1/4′ input. The mic channels have discrete 3 band EQ and a talk over switch, while each of the 4 stereo channels has its own gain control. Includes 8 sound effects that can be modulated by speed and volume, including gun shot, laser, tron blast, rim shot, siren, emergency, UFO, and cymbal. Use the built in echo delay/repeat for a cool effect. The dual LED display meters show your levels so you’ll always know if your signal is too loud, too soft, or just right. The assignable crossfader lets you cut up two channels for the ultimate mix. It’s get plenty of outputs: two masters (stereo  ‘, stereo RCA), RCA record outputs, RCA booth outputs, and a  ‘ headphone jack output. Get the ultimate control over your sound with two 7-band equalizers, one for each of the left/right master channel. If the beautiful blow glow this device emits is not enough, plug a 12V gooseneck lamp into the lamp BNC connector. The PYD2808 is ruggedly constructed and runs on 110 or 220 V


»2 Turntable/8 Line Level (CD, Cassette Deck, Minidisk, Etc)/ 2 Mic Inputs. » 7-Band Graphic Equalizer for Right and Left Channels.
» ECHO on/off Switch. »ECHO Delay/Repeat/Level Controls.
»Six Digital Sound Effects. »Sound Effect SPEED and VOLUME Controls.
»Dual Color LED Level Display »Balance, treble, bass and master volume controls
»Blue Light Illuminated Channel and Master Volume Controls. »Top Mounted 12V BNC Connector for Gooseneck Lamp (not included)
»Dual Mic Inputs with Talkover »Mic 1 XLR- ” Combo Input Jack
»Individual Rotary Controls for Mic Bass and Treble »CUE Switch for CH1/2/3/4 and Mic
»Master and Booth Volume Controls. »Master Stereo/Mono and EQ on/off Switches.
»Assignable AB Crossfader. »User Replaceable Dual Railed Crossfader.
»CUE Level Control. »Headphone CUE/PGM Control
» 1/4” Headphone Jack »Turntable Inputs convertible to accept Line Level Inputs
»Booth Output »Record Output
»Amp Output Including  ” and RCA Jacks »Dimensions:19”W x 9 15/32”D x 3 3/16”H
»AC Power 110/220V »Weight: 11.42 lbs.



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Weight 5.18 kg
Dimensions 48.26 × 24.13 × 8.89 cm

1 review for Pyle 19” Rack Mount 4 Channel Professional Mixer with Digital Echo and SFX

  1. 5 out of 5


    The best I love this mixer, has all the features needed for use at home and when entertaining with a lot to control which is very easy to use.
    This is a expensive Mixer and i got the best Price from Rtc from anywhere else.
    Good work Rtc.

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