High quality Banana binding post wall plate for 4 speaker – Coupler type

4 Speaker Wall Plate - Banana Binding

MSRP: $16.84

This is a 4 Speaker Wall Plate (5 Red & 5 Black Banana Socket), will work with any double gang J box or P-ring.

  • Connects 4 Speakers (5 Red and 5 Black Banana Sockets).
  • Slimline Design (Wall Plate Section Only 7mm Deep).
  • 24k Gold Plated Binding Posts.
  • No Soldering Required.
  • Binding Posts can Accept Bare Wire, Spade Terminals or Banana Plugs.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 115mm x 70mm x 7mm.
  • Depth with Connectors: 28mm.
  • Includes 2 Mounting Screws and 2 Face Plate Screws.
  • Warranty   lifetime.


Product Id: SKU: 16-3-TCM-WPS04

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This 4 Speaker Wall Plate is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard which in turn will provide you with ease of installation and exceptional performance. A speaker wall plate will enable you to hide all of your lengthy wires behind the wall and have a short cable from the wall to your device. 

Speaker Wall Plates would make a great addition to your Home Theatre or Hi-Fi System. By selecting one of these Wall Plates you will be giving your Home Theatre the ultimate finish with a clean, professional look.

The wall plates have the same type of connector front and back. No soldering required. Our Banana speakers wall plates are gold plated which means they are Corrosion resistant.

The 8 color coded binding posts are precision engineered and will accept Bare Wire, Spade Terminals or Banana Plugs to be connected both on the front and on the rear.

Additional Information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2 cm


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