Analog Audio To Digital Converter

Analog Audio To Digital Converter

MSRP: $33.89

Audio ST to SPDIF (Converts analog L/R signals to digital S/PDIF or TOSLink) / Power Supply: 5VDC 1A


Product Id: SKU: 76-3-:76-3-LKV3089


Product Features


This converter has a set of right/left RCA analog audio input jacks. It will simultaneously convert the analog audio into Coax and Optical (Toslink) Digital signals

You can connect either or both outputs to an appropriate digital audio input on a TV, AV receiver, or anything else.

The converter has a digital sampling rate of 48 kHz and produces an LPCM stereo audio output signal.

Just get the Analog to Digital Audio Converter and bring your old equipment into the digital age!


»  Analog Audio to Digital Converter

»  Supports 48 kHz output sampling frequency

»  The unit is compact, easy to install

»  Coaxial and optical output ports

»  Right and Left RCA Stereo input ports

»  It is powered by a 5V DC power adapter, which is included



Additional Information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5 × 2.5 cm


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