Composite / S-Video + Stereo Audio to HDMI 1080P Converter

AV To HDMI Converter

MSRP: $79.90

This RCA Composite video & S-Video to HDMI Scaler takes either Composite Video or S-Video as input & Converts it to HDMI 1080P.

  • Input: 1 x Composite Video, 1 x S-Video, 1 x Stereo Audio
  • Output: 1 x HDMI, 1X 3.5mm stereo Audio
  • Up-scales Composite Video or S-Video up to full HD 1080p
  • HDMI output is optional at 720P/60Hz or 1080P/60Hz
  • Input video systems – NTSC and PAL is automatically detected and adjusted
  • Composite Video and S-video can stay simultaneous connection, and to be selected as the input them by the switch button
  • Settings of input signal and output resolution is auto-stored when power on again
  • Composite Vide and S-Video Share the same audio input


Product Id: SKU: 76-5-STL-363



This RCA Composite video and S-video to HDMI Scaler takes either Composite Video or S-Video as input and converts it to HDMI 1080P. It allows older analog devices to be integrated into HD home theater system.

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Item Spec.
1. S-VIDEO IN To connect S-Video source in
2. VIDEO IN, AUDIO R IN, AUIDO L IN To connect Composite Video source in by a piece of A/V cable
3. DC/5V To connect DC 5V power supply
4. POWER Power LED
5. SWITCH Switch to left: Composite Video Input; Switch to Right: S-Video input
6. AUDIO OUT To connect earphone or sound box
7. HDMI OUT To connect HDMI display
7. USB Port To connect via USB

Additional Information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions8.5 × 7.5 × 2 cm


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