3 Tier Electronic Component Glass Shelf

DVD Stand 3 Shelf

MSRP: $39.99

  • Maximum 3* holder
  • Glass Size: 400X300X0.6 CM
  • Product color:Black


Product Id: SKU: 29-9-SM1427

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Instead of taking up valuable floor space with a large system cabinet, mount your DVD player, cable box, and/or other home entertainment devices on the wall using this Three Tier Component Glass Shelf Wall Mount Bracket from RTC Online!

This shelf system mounts to any wall (brick, concrete, wood stud, etc.) and provides three shelves. Each shelf is made of thick tempered glass (SIZE:400X300X0.6 CM) . It has undergone extensive safety testing and has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which ensures that it will perform safely and reliably.

High quality and durable.


» Quick and easy installation» Maximum 3* Shelfs
» Include all screws for wall and TV mount» Product color:Black
» Glass Size: 400X300X0.6 MM




Additional Information

Weight7.8 kg
Dimensions44.5 × 33 × 10 cm


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