Emax Wired Tie Clip High performance Microphone, Condenser


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Powered  by common AA battery this tie microphone is entirely self-contained, not requiring power from AC input. The sound is perfectly pleasant and clear though some users have reported preferring to add a little audio equalization to sweeten it during editing.

It comes with a cable that is really far too long at five meters; the output is unbalanced so longer cable runs should be avoided in order not to pick up stray electrical interference.

Although a foam cover is included, no ‘fluffy’ windshield is supplied so using this mic outdoors will require careful placement and monitoring on headphones.

An absolute bargain  – this little marvel may be basic in many ways but at less than a tenth of the price of many “pro” mics, it’s a must-have for every camcorder/public speaker user (accept a 3.5mm mic jack).


Type   Omni-directional condenser
Frequency Response   50-12500 Hz
Impedance   1000 Ohm
Sensitivity    -54dB at 1K Hz
Power Supply   1.5V AA Battery
Cable   5 Meter Cable with 3.5 mm Jack
Dimension   130 x 23 mm
Housing   Aluminum
Weight   1 Kg


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


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