VGA + 2 RCA composite Stereo Audio connectors Wall Plate – Gold plated

Home Theater Wall Plate

MSRP: $10.44

This Wall plate use standard speaker wire and Banana plugs for connection.

  • HIGH Speed HDMI 1.4v.
  • Fits into Standard double Gang j Box or P-Ring.
  • Solderless Connection.
  • Easy ti Install.
  • Gold Plated Connectors.
  • Color coded.


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This elegant and clean wall plate will give your setup a professional and customized look. The plate features 2 color coded composite RCA Stereo /Video jacks for audio connections.

With the convergence of media across multiple platforms within both the computer and home theater industries, it’s becoming more and more popular to integrate PC’s into the living room entertainment system. Many newer HDTV’s come with a VGA/PC input port on the back. Whether you’re connecting a dedicated HTPC or occasionally want to connect and view your laptop on a big screen, our VGA wall plates make the connections clean and easy. No need to reach into the back of your display everytime you want to connect your computer or leave unused cables lying around.

This wall plate add the finishing touch to audio/video installations with a decorative feed-through wall plate.

*The color indicated can vary in tone and/or between other similar products, this is due to different production runs and manufacturing facilities. This phenomenon is expected, whether sold by RTC Online or any other vendor. Also, Individual pieces may also vary very slightly in color from each other.


Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 1 cm


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