IR Extender Over HDMI


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This IR Extender is perfect for when your HDMI splitter sending your video signal to the next room and need access to the cable box to change channels.
Most other IR extenders are either wireless, which can cause interference issues with other wireless equipment, or hard wired, meaning you need to run
another cable through your walls. This extender uses your existing HDMI cable to carry the IR signal from one room to the other.


  • carries the IR signal from one room to the other.
  • This IR extender supports IR signals from 30~60KHz
  • Each module has a 3.5mm jack into which you plug the IR receiver or transmitter module


Note that to transmit the IR signal over the HDMI cable, the switches on both modules must be set to the “IR” position. If both switches are set to the “CEC” position, the cable will pass CEC signals instead of IR signals, which HDMI cables do by default, so the “CEC” position is in effect the “OFF” position. If one switch is set to “CEC” and the other to “IR”, neither CEC nor IR signals will be passed, so ensure both switches are set the same.



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