RoyalPlus HomePlug Powerline Network Ethernet Bridge 4 Ports – 500Mbps

RPL 501c Powerline Ethernet Bridge and switches 4 port

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RPL 501c Powerline Ethernet Bridge and switches 4 port.

  • Ethernet networking via home electrical outlets
  • It can be used for any wireless network devices; connect up to (4) devices
  • High-speed 200Mbps data transmission rate
  • Low Power Consumption; less than 1 watt when in idle mode
  • 128-bit AES data encryption

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he latest product from RoyalPlus, 500Mbps Powerline RPL-501C. Better Design and Faster than previous verison of Powerline Bridge Adapters. Ultra Compact design is half the size from previous generation RoyalPlus Powerlines. Model RPL-501C allows up to 4 devices close together to connect with 1 powerline bridge.

Just Plug and Play with one pair of RPL-501C to turn your home AC wires into high speed networking and it brings more convenience to set your digital network environment.

RoyalPlus provides Quality Powerline Ethernet Bridges which result in 30% or more Faster Speeds compared to Wireless WiFi connections. Use these Powerline Bridges for Faster and Better Performance with your Smart TV, Gaming Consoles (playstation,xbox etc) ,Computers/PC, Satellite Receivers, Media Boxes and Google/Apple TV. Unlike WiFi devices, Royal Plus Power Line Bridges have no dead spots meaning you get full speed anywhere in your house at all times.

More Information

  • High speed data transmission at 500 Mb/s PHY rate
  • Wall mountable Powerline Bridge design (no floor/desk space required for structuring home network environment)
  • Offer high security with 128-bit AED data encryption mechanism
  • Low power consumption (idle mode operation power consumption less than 2.0 Watt)
  • Integrated Quality of Service (QOS), four-level priority based contention access
  • Provide variety of networking application
  • Multiple high definition IP video streaming

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 7 cm


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